Competent Termite Inspections

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For homeowners, especially in south Alabama, it is critical to be aware of the necessary elements of a thorough termite inspection to ensure the protection of your home from termite infestations and their resulting damages. The failure of pest control companies to perform a comprehensive termite inspection of your home may lead to significant damage. Worse, pest control companies may use the discovery of damage to take further advantage of you by covering up the extent of damage and evidence of their previous misdeeds. Being acquainted of the components of a quality termite inspection will assist in avoiding these dangers.

A competent termite inspector is expected to meticulously examine your home for indications of termite infestation and damage. All areas of the home should be inspected, with particular attention paid to home’s foundation, basement/crawlspace, and attics. Some areas are more likely to show evidence of infestation, such as where moisture collects and where the home contacts the soil, such as crawlspace piers and attached fences. Evidence the inspector should look for include termite tubes, damaged wood, dead termite swarmers, small holes in drywall caused by termites, and bubbling paint where termites had damages or destroyed the drywall under the paint.

If your termite inspector fails to thoroughly examine your home for evidence of termites, you are at risk of suffering a termite infestation, which can and will result in damage to your home and all the emotional distress and monetary harm that such damage inevitably leads to.

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